Job Referral Rules



1. All job referrals will be made by telephone. Up to two numbers (i.e. cellular, home, pager) will be accepted. Dispatch hours will be from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. and from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., as needed. Dispatcher will allow the telephone to ring ten times. If an answering machine takes the call, a message will be left that work is available and to call the union hall as soon as possible. The dispatcher will then move to the next qualified applicant on the list. If the previous applicant responds to the answering machine, and work is still available, then the job will be offered. If the telephone is busy, dispatcher will call the next qualified applicant on the list and, if work is still available, the dispatcher will drop back and call the line that was busy. If multiple jobs are available, an applicant will be offered his/her choice for which he/she is qualified. If the applicant has no phone, he/she must make alternate arrangements where he/she can be contacted. If he/she responds and work is still available, he/she will be offered work, if any job for which he/she is qualified is available.
2.If applicant quits or asks for voluntary lay-off, he/she dropped to the bottom of the out-of-work list.
3.The Business Manager or his designee reserves the right to appoint stewards and foreman.
4.Any applicant who refuses or is unavailable for two consecutive referrals shall be moved to the bottom of the out-of-work list. An applicant must be unavailable on two separate days before he/she can be moved to the bottom of the out-of-work list. An applicant will be considered unavailable if he or she cannot be reached after one call has been placed to the telephone number provided by the applicant,
unless the applicant has given the Local Union notice in writing of unavailability for a period not to exceed thirty days in a ninety day period. An applicants registration of availability for referral shall be in effect for ninety (90) days. An applicant must again register his or her availability before the expiration of that period in order to retain his or her position on the out-of-work list.
5.However, in emergency situations, when a job must be filled before business the
following day, the local may make a single call (allowing the phone to ring no less than 10 times) to qualified applicants in order. When time constraints force the local to make calls outside the set referral hours described above, the urgent nature of the request shall be documented, in detail, and any applicant who cannot be reached shall not be deemed ?unavailable.?
Any applicant who is referred to a job which, last 6 working days or less either because (1) the job is terminated or (2) the applicant is laid off or discharged will return to his or her position on the out-of-work list prior to receiving referral. However, after receiving a job referral immediately following such a short-term referral, regardless of its length, that individual must again register in order to be included on the out-of-work list. The short term referral provisions herein are inapplicable and the applicant will be removed from the out-of-work list, individual must again register in order to be included on the out-of-work list. If the applicant takes any action within the first six (6) days of employment designed to manipulate this provision of the Amended Job Rules, such as voluntarily quitting or requesting to be laid off or discharged from a job to which he or she is referred. Any applicant who works two (2) short term jobs consecutively the applicant will be positioned at the bottom of the list.
7.An applicant seeking referral to a job must file with the Local Union a signed and dated referral form providing name, telephone number and social security number, and stating any skills the applicant possesses and the jobs the applicant is able to perform, including any relevant licenses or certifications. Blank referral forms will be available at the Local Union. The Local Union will compile an out-of-work list, consisting of the applicants who have registered their availability for referral. The Local Union may confirm any prior employment, licenses, or certifications listed by an applicant. The Local Union has five business days from the time a member places his name on the out-of-work list to challenge an applicant?s representations concerning his prior employment, licenses, or certifications. If the Local Union makes a timely challenge, it must promptly notify the applicant in writing, who shall have five business days from the receipt of this notice in which to respond and to submit any relevant information. Any applicant who remains aggrieved by a final decision of the Local Union may file a protest with the Independent Hearing Officer, who shall finally resolve all such disputes in accordance with procedures that he shall establish.
To be properly registered on the out-of-work list, you must have the following current certifications: 10-OSHA, 8-hour CPR/First Aid, and Flaggers Card.
9.An applicant shall not be referred to an employer if the applicant was previously discharged for cause by the same employer. Applicants who are twice lawfully rejected by an employer for lack of skills, after referral by the Local Union, shall not be eligible for referral to a job requiring the same skills without first providing the Local Union with references from two previous employers showing the applicant has demonstrated the skills required, or the applicant must take training with sufficient hours and be able to show that he/she can perform the skill.
If an applicant is rejected for employment due to positive results on a pre-hire or random Fitness for Duty test, the applicant will be removed from the referral list. The first time the applicant will be removed from the out-of-work list for thirty (30) days, the second time ninety (90) days, and the third time for one year. Should the applicant submit to the Union a written confirmation that he or she has completed a drug/alcohol rehabilitation or counseling program prior to the ninetieth day, the applicant will be returned to his or her former place on the referral list.
*effective 2/21/06
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